Evas Rocks My World

I guess Jeff has been browsing Pablotron too much lately -- he directed me towards a spelling error and broken link on the Cam page. Thanks dude.

As for EWL, I've been making misc changes here and there. I just posted a fresh snapshot of the EWL CVS tree. You can download it here, or read the ChangeLog here. Due to the problems I've had with the rendering system, I've decided to migrate the rendering system to Evas, raster's new ubercool canvas library. In addition to removing the rendering concern (and making it faster than I ever could have), this also adds basic GL rendering support to EWL (read: much faster). I'm getting up to speed with Evas by writing few test applications, but I plan on making the transition this weekend.

Finally, I encourage anyone who hasn't done so to check out Geist, Tom Gilbert's new image layout program. I've contributed a few small snippets of code, but him and tillsan have done most of the work. I'm pretty impressed.