Cam Page

Jeff and I put up a Webcam page. Check it out here. Also, I added security checks to my code navigation CGI -- If someone is trying to exploit the CGI, they end up looking at this page (IE users crank the volume for a special treat).

On a related note, I added a few new options to Cam this weekend (you'll need CVS feh -- see the Enlightenment CVS Page for more information). You can now save cam images (with the -k or --keep-imagse option), and open multiple cams with one command (eg cam jenni dawn giblet raster). I also worked out a bunch of quirks in EWL (again, also in CVS). See the ChangeLog included with the CVS module for more information.

Pablotron will be relocating soon. I have the new hardware and an IP, but I still need to install linux and set the bad boy up. This means we get to play the DNS game of fun again! I'll probably keep this server going for a few weeks just to make sure everone's DNS gets updated.

Oh yeah, Emmanuel Goldstein (aka the guy who runs 2600) posted his response to the DeCSS decision. Read it here. Also, here's a rare gem: an interesting post on Slashdot regarding this article (and this one too). The legal system in this country makes my head hurt. What ever happened to common sense?

Finally, I stumbled across this page completely on accident. Who would have thought that Leo from the Screen Savers reads