Cali and More

Wow, too much fun stuff to share in one update, but I'll do the best I can. First of all, I'm back from my vacation in California, and I had a lot of fun. Pictures will be up soon (I have to find 7 more pictures to take, then I'll have the roll developed and scanned). My sister Erin works at a frozen yogurt shop in Malibu, and I sat through a couple of her shifts. They get celebrities in there every day! I was only in there a few days, and I saw Candice Cameron, Tom Hanks, and Cher! Apparently, I just missed Adam Sandler -- he came in a few hours after we left one day. I learned a few things too:
  • No matter how bad the water is in your town, it will invariably be worse wherever you travel.
  • In person, celebrities aren't obnoxious, flamboyant, or loud -- although the rest of us seem to be all of these things when a celebrity is nearby.
  • Just because eating large quantities of ice cream and frozen yogurt sounds like fun as a kid, doesn't mean it's good for you or your digestive tract as an adult.
I made a few quick page updates today. The Downloads page now has descriptions for most items, and I started wokring on a SQLized version of the news (as opposed to the home-grown db format I'm using at the moment). You can monitor it's progress by checking this page. Yes, this means you'll be able to search the page soon (at least the news section). Oh yeah, I posted my Netscape to Galeon bookmark converter It's still a bit buggy, but it's bound to work better than what Galeon is offering (eg a phat coredump in your home directory). I put a basic shell for the code section up here, although it's basically completely empty ATM. I've had several requests for design tips -- I'd appreciate it if those of you who have emailed me would let me know what you're interested in seeing on the code page. Specifically, should I just dump all the scripts and backend, or would you like a bit of a tutorial as well? Finally, the uptimes (on the left sidebar) are now completely automated, I updated the EWL section on the Projects page to say that it's now in CVS, and the 404 page now works again.

OTT x5rings and giblet added a few things to EWL while I was gone. Oh yeah, and Jeff (my roommate) has a ridiculously powerful level 50-something Necromancer in Diablo II now. Okay, there's more going on, but I've gotta run -- I'll update again when I have some time.