A Few Updates and a Vacation For Me

I fixed the layout problems on the Links and Screenshots pages. I also added some more contact info to the Feedback page.

I committed EWL to CVS finally. Tom Gilbert added the autoconf/make goodies for me. You can get it from CVS by following the instructions on the Enlightenment CVS page, and adding "ewl" to the list of modules to check out. See my Download page for some Expect scripts suitable for automatically updating CVS. Right now, EWL can open a window, pack a button into a box, pack the box into the window, and attach callbacks to all the widgets. Theming and event propagation and a slew of other things work correctly, but rendering is slow and layout is buggy. Unfortunately, I won't have time to work on EWL until I get back -- from LA!

That's right, I'm headed to Los Angeles for a week. I'm leaving tomorrow morning, and I'll be back on the 16th. I'll try and find time to check my email, but I know that my sister's internet access is probably pretty limited.

I don't have a Linux Advocasy page up just yet, but I was going to put it right underneath the Uptimes list (on the left sidebar). Fortunately for me, a power outage completely destroyed the uptimes for my web server and my work machine. The previous uptimes were 48 days, 73 days, and 37 days (home, web, and work, respectively). The Advocasy page will still go up eventually, but I was hoping to have a >100 day uptime to entice people. Oh well.

I finally got around to installing Galeon, a GNOME browser that uses the Gecko (eg Mozilla) rendering engine, but doesn't have all the cruft (eg XUL, news and mail readers, etc etc). Wow! It's dependencies are a bit heavy (Mozilla M16 or later -- I'm using the latest nightly build) and Helix GNOME, but Galeon itself is small (both memory and disk space wise) and much faster than Mozilla.

Finally, I guess Tom is telling the rest of the world about his new Linux programming job: Not only is he going to be coding for $$ now, but he's also getting a laptop and moving to London. Good work dude :). Okay, I'll see everyone in a week.