Two Updates, One Month!

It's unbelievable, but true. I guess I'm trying to be cool like Tom Gilbert and update my page more than Tim Finch (sorry Tim -- you knew it was coming :P). I finally updated the Projects page; check it out for some more recent projects I've been involved in, and some more Linux- and UNIX-related scripts and programs.

I decided to set up a temporary Quake 3 Arena Demo server on my home computer. Id software does a checksum comparison on the PK3 file before loading the demo server, so I couldn't modify any of the bots or levels, but I did hack together some interesting demo server modifications with some shell-trickery and a quick Perl script. Essentially, Quad Damage does _no_ damage (because quad is for losers), getting armor temporarily doubles gravity or changes the knock-back on certain weapons, and getting mega-health halves gravity (which wreaks havoc when you're playing Q3DM17). Again, I don't know how often it'll be active, but here's the info in case you're interested:

Server: Pablo's Wacky Fun House
Info:Q3D-DM: Q3DM7, Q3DM17

Let me know if you've got any suggestions or are interested in my dedicated server scripts (eventually I'll post 'em to the Projects section, but first I need to clean up and comment the code).

I think I'm headed to the Linux World Expo in San Jose this August. I don't have a place to stay yet, but travel and financing seems to be covered. My first LWE -- exciting!