More Fun Than Fun Itself...

I'm in a rush, but here's the news:

  • Getting a cable modem -- it should be here any day now. This translates into a lot more updates by me.
  • Went to a mu-Ziq/Luke Vibrant concert last month in Portland. It was awesome.
  • Bought a 10 gig drive from Jeff. Combined with my pending fast internet connection, and one of the many Linux Napster clients, I can already feel my MP3 collection growing.
  • Set up a web server for Sean. Soon he will be a 31337 H4X0R like me (j/k).
  • Added a few things to the Projects section.
  • I've discovered AbiWord. I've used StarOffice and WordPerfect, and AbiWord is by far the best Linux word processor.
  • Page redesign now pending. Just gotta get a little bit of free time.
  • I managed to fill my home parititon on the web server, so my news posting scripts merrily erased all of my old news postings. I restored from the last backup, but a few of them are missing. Oh well... No biggie.
Oh yeah, I'm available via ICQ now. My UID is 58304995, and my moniker is pabs. Harassment is welcome. I've also been spending a lot more time in #e (EFNet IRC nick is also as pabs) again lately. The crowd there is great -- I can always find someone who's interesting to talk to, or that I can really piss off. Either way, I still have fun.