Lots of Cool new stuff

I've submitted a couple of patches for EFM, the new file manager for Enlightenment. The first one added a dynamic keybindings api, and the second one fixed a multiple-login race issue with meta data, and added a meta-informaion exclusion directory API (mainly to make the people on the mailing list stfu)...

OTT, I managed to lose my hard drive at home, along with a big chunk of work I had done on THemble. I haven't set everything back up yet, so I'm essentially computer-less for the moment. I put together a fairly lengthy Enlightenment Theming HOWTO, but I'm still tying up some loose ends, so I don't know when I'll post it for the world. I also started on a WindowBlinds -> Enlightenment & GTK+ Theme converter -- also nowhere near functional.

I discovered an excellent GPLed Mac emulator called Basilisk II -- it's much nicer (and maybe faster?) than Executor, has a bunch of cool features, and (best of all), it's completely free.