I Like Development Software

Lots of cool new stuff... The newest Mozilla build (M10) just came out a few days ago, so I downloaded the precompiled binary (the CVS checkout is over 100 megs :/), and it's pretty damned smooth. Also, Enlightenment DR0.16 just came out yesterday (not that it makes any difference, since I use the CVS version). Anyways, all you people who have wanted to check it out definately should -- there's some really cool new features.

I posted my rasterizer and signature generator scripts in the Projects section, and I'll fix the broken URLs for the other scripts RSN. There are a ton of new goodies in the Links section, including a link to Sean's page (finally), and a bunch of cryptography links. I'm studying some books for a new project I started working on, but it probably won't be ready for prime time for several monthes. Mail goes here.