A Blatant Plug

The first couple articles for the Corvallis Inquisitor are available in all their uncut glory. One of the articles deals with the dreaded Year 2000, while the other is a guide for joining the computing world (the latter being available in all it's unformated plaintext glory). You can also check out the rough interface that Sean (aka A. McGee) has whipped up. I still need to scrape together the parts for the permanent Corvallis Inquisitor server, so it'll be residing here until then.

Shane and I have decided to do our independent study on a Beowulf cluster after all. Any new information about this will be available here sometime real soon.

I'm thinking about building a much smaller CHAOS (Cheap Array of Obsolete Systems) cluster right here at home. I've contacted the 8J administrator we did the security audit for last term in order to see about getting some older computers. More on this later.

Finally, the blatant plug you've all been waiting for. Don't forget about all the other crazy garbage I've left lying around on Internet. Some of the more memorable pages that haven't been banned or accidentally deleted are my old EFN page and some pictures from my recent vacation in Europe.