More and more updates!

I've decided to take the Music Repository offline. Click the link to find out why. I've been working on the web page for work -- check out the preliminary design here.

My CS406 page has will be changing drastically in the next week or so -- we've decided to do a tests on a distributed web server with an SQL backend instead of a Beowulf cluster. I'm a little disappointed, but this will still be fun (and I'll learn a lot about SQL and running web servers to their limits).

I started a complete re-write of Themble early last week. The old version had some interface quirks, and the code was getting a bit unwieldy. I've ported and cleaned up the internal representation of E data structures from the 0.1.x source, and written the parsing (and saving hooks) for my own proprietary format. After that I plan on implementing exporting, and _then_ the GTK+ interface. This should keep my code more managable, and allow Themble to be used as a non-GUI editor also. I've chosen to leave the web page as-is for the time being, because I've noticed everybody likes screenshots (and I can't exactly produce them with 0.2.0 just yet).

Finally, Tim did get a new computer after all. I hope people have been emailing him so he will change his ugly-assed web page. Anyways, school is starting to pick up, and I've been working a lot more hours at work recently, so the page may not get updated as much anymore. Feel free to send me some email, though.