PabloWorld News Update #19990120

I finally started working on Themble again; I got the help sub-system working and grabbed a bunch of screenshots of all the editors. I'm going to have Joe do a dox-based help program -- it should be pretty simple to use Themble once we're done. I'm expecting v0.2 of Themble to be the first public release. Barring any unforseen difficulties, it should be able to create and save a theme. Buttons, Global Key Bindings, Internal Actions, Borders, Images, Text Classes, Menus, Backgrounds, and Control should all be implemented by the time v0.2 rolls around. Okay, my sales pitch is done... I also updated my CS312 page.

PS Expect a format change for the PabloTron 2000 sometime soon (maybe this weekend if I'm not too busy).