Wed Sep 6 00:30:11 2006 :: Link

Wirble is a set of enhancements for Irb. Wirble enables several items mentioned on the RubyGarden "Irb Tips and Tricks" page, including tab-completion, history, and a built-in ri command, as well as colorized results and a couple other goodies. The idea, of course, is to fill Irb with useful features without turning your ~/.irbrc file into swiss cheese. Using Wirble is simple, too. Here's what a standard Wirble-enabled ~/.irbrc looks like:

  # load wirble
  require 'wirble'

  # start wirble (with color)
rescue LoadError => err
  warn "Couldn't load Wirble: #{err}"

Don't like the defaults? Wirble is configurable. For documentation on enabling specific features or tweaking the color settings. take a look at the excessively-verbose Wirble README. Finally, here's a screenshot of Wirble-enabled Irb:

Wirble Screenshot
Obligatory Wirble Screenshot

Download Wirble 0.1.3 Tarball (Signature)
Download Wirble 0.1.3 Gem (Signature)
Wirble Bug Tracker
Wirble Mercurial Repository

Download Wirble 0.1.2 Tarball (Signature)
Download Wirble 0.1.2 Gem (Signature)
Download Wirble 0.1.1 (Signature)
Download Wirble 0.1.1 Gem (Signature)
Download Wirble 0.1.0 (Signature)
Download Wirble 0.1.0 Gem (Signature)