Xara Doesn't Work, Tasty for Firefox
Wed Oct 12 06:27:25 2005 :: Link

So what's the deal with the Xara demo, anyway? Slashdot made a big stink about their demo, how it would revolutionize vector drawing programs for Linux, and all that jazz. I've been using Inkscape quite a bit lately, so I was anxious to see what the Xara demo had to offer. As far as I can tell, the demo is sourceforge-ware — it looks like about 2 hours of work in Glade, plus a page that promises all sorts of cool features, eventually.

I ported the awesome Delicious plugin for Firefox to work with Tasty. You can download the XPI here (most features seem to work okay, but my port consisted basically of a massive 's/', so caveat emptor).

Re: Xara Doesn't Work, Tasty for Firefox
Sun Nov 13 09:41:55 2005 :: Link :: Posted by nitram
Hello, Did you know that someone else did a similar work for SCUTTLE ? See this post on the official forums of Scuttle. Also, why don't you propose your patchs to the offical Scuttle instead of do a "fork" ? Thank you for your answer.


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