Bowling for Columbine
Sun Jan 12 07:58:13 2003 :: Link

I finally saw Bowling for Columbine, the latest film by Michael Moore. It's the most interesting movie I've seen this year :)! Seriously though, it's amazingly good, and I'd recommend it to everyone, even gun nuts. Out of curiousity, I went to NRA's site and searched for "Bowling for Columbine", but apparently they have nothing to say. I also find it amusing that some of the most insightful comments in the film come from Marilyn Manson and three Canadian high school students cutting class at a Taco Bell.

Tom and I have our colo box up, although I haven't moved site yet. I'd appreciate it if people could visit the mirror and tell me how things feel in terms of speed, reliability, etc. The gallery isn't up yet, but everything else should be about the same.

I've heard a few people (including myself) complain about the non-random behavior of shuffle mode in XMMS, so I wrote a small patch to replace the calls to random() with calls to OpenSSL's crypto-grade random function. The patch is against XMMS 1.2.7, and you can download it here. Also, I wrote this short bit of Ruby for someone in #ruby-talk. It tests a string against a shell-style glob (it only supports wildcards though, not character ranges). A couple other interesting Ruby gems I wrote are Array#map_with_indices and String#to_class. At this rate I'll need a Ruby gems page ;-).

A few random links before I go to sleep. Representative Bob Barr wrote a suprisingly intelligent editorial called "Crimes Before the Fact". Also, here is an interesting interview with Kurt Vonnegut. Oh yeah, I officially joined the ACLU. Okay, that's it for today.

Happy Meal Ethernet
Thu Jan 9 04:39:42 2003 :: Link

I don't have anything productive to say, so here are some interesting links instead. Who says kernel hackers don't have a sense of humor? Check out this KernelTrap article. I think I want this really small and light laptop. If you've got Flash, take a look at Kraftwerk's page.

Dedicated Box
Thu Jan 9 02:53:14 2003 :: Link

Tom and I finally got our box from United Colo. The connection seems pretty good; there was a minor snafu, but we're hoping that was just a one-time hiccup. The connection is fast as hell; 80ms ping from my house (that's east coast to west coast, not bad at all), and I downloaded a kernel from at 7.4MB/sec (yes, that's megabytes). We'll give it a reliability test for a few more weeks, and if things work out okay, I'll be moving Pablotron and maybe some other stuff over.

Maybe Posting Will Cure My Insomnia
Tue Jan 7 04:03:10 2003 :: Link

I just finished reading 1984 last week, and right now I'm reading Blowback. I stumbled across this picture of the new GBA and it looks really cool. I had a Game Boy years ago; maybe it's time to pick one up again. Also, here is an interesting article about the state of cell phone service in the US (it basically says Sprint sucks and Verizon is great). I don't really know how credible it is, since I have never owned a cell phone, but I think I've heard Stephen (Snow-Man) and Brian (bma) say basically the same thing.

Mon Jan 6 23:37:34 2003 :: Link

I got both cable modem and SDSL working together (ie multiple routes to internet, the same setup we had when Stephen lived here). This page explains how to get multiple routes working. Heard about the CD price fixing settlement? Get your refund at the Music CD Settlement page. If you're having trouble decyphering the legalize, maybe you're the 2% of the population that have better luck with this puzzle.

Requisite geek links: Here are some picture sof the new tablet Zaurus. If they release one with a SD slot and a CF slot I'll definately buy one. This image shows the light on earth at night. This article from Ars Technica talks about bandwidth and latency, specifically regarding RAM, but applicable to networking and other technology as well. I found this Kuro5hin thread which talks about the ramifications of the Slashdot effect (and Farking) on content providers and hosting companies. From there I stumbled across these dedicated hosting deals (although Tom and I have already decided to give United Colo a try, since they don't have a setup fee, they offer more bandwidth per month, and they're willing to install Debian.

I found a handful of interesting news articles. Here is one talking about bias in the media. This article talks about Google and morality. This article breaks down some interesting RIAA statistics regarding piracy. Here is an article talking about the drug war, and here is the Drug War Clock. Here is a really good editorial from AlterNet which discusses the problems with abstinence only education programs. Not a big Poindexter fan? This guy decided to give Poindexter some of his own medicine. I stumbled across this essay by Bertrand Russell. It was written in 1927, but it's still strangly relevant. If you liked that, then you'll like this interview with the late Douglas Adams even more. This essay isn't quite as eloquent as the previous two, but it's still an interesting read. Worried about living in a police state? Join the campaign for preemptive impeachment! Finally here's an amusing article about the current administration.

Okay, that's it for today. I'll try and be less of a recluse this year.

Wed Nov 13 01:09:51 2002 :: Link
pabs@picard:~> uname -r

I tried out Menuet this evening. It's really cool. Make sure to try the 2.0 prerelease if you decide to give it a shot; it's got a lot more cool stuff.

I've been trying to write Ruby bindings for FreeType2. I've gotten pretty far, but the bindings aren't quite done yet. You can see what I've got so far right here. I'm also thinking about writing bindings for the image processing library DevIL, but I haven't started yet.

I stumbled across a really cool graphics programming site called FlipCode. It's got lots of interesting graphics tutorials, engines, and demos. Finally, here's a really interesting interview with Janeane Garofalo.

Seattle, Imlib2-Ruby, etc
Mon Nov 11 01:25:45 2002 :: Link

I was in Seattle last weekend for RubyConf 2002. I got to meet Matz (the author of Ruby), and I learned a bunch of cool stuff. A few of the interesting speeches: a presentation by Why the Lucky Stiff on YAML (YAML Ain't a Markup Language) for Ruby, a presentation by Dan Sugalski on Parrot, and a rountable discussion with Matz (a transcript of which is available here. Be sure to check out my RubyConf 2002 photo gallery.

I released version 0.4.2 of Imlib2-Ruby. The ruby-talk announcement is here, and a complete list of changes is available here. Oh yeah, Tom released version 1.2.2 of feh, which includes my Xinerama patches and a few other goodies.

Finally, a few interesting links. I've been reading OC Forums almost daily now, there's lots of interesting computer hardware information there. John pointed me at Ozones, which is the craziest cross-platform JavaScript I've ever seen. He's also got a bunch of really cool hands-on graphics tutorials. Richard gave me this really interesting Paul Graham article on Lisp.

Sun Oct 27 20:26:03 2002 :: Link

So I have some gallery code written now. The only pictures that are really ready for consumption are the pictures of Tom and Sue's wedding. The code is mine, but I borrowed a few ideas from Tom's gallery page. I think I might try to get comments working on them at some point as well.

Here is an interesting interview of Tom Petty. This page has a whole bunch of funny stories. Here is an amusing article about frivelous lawsuits.

A couple people have asked about various config files, so I thought I'd post them. Here is my current Mutt configuration (please remove my email address before using these), and here is my Screen config file.

No Love From 2.5.44
Sun Oct 27 16:00:13 2002 :: Link

I tried unsuccessfully to upgrade to kernel 2.5.44 this morning. The NVidia kernel patch I mentioned last night worked great, but now the kernel doesn't properly see my mouse (a PS/2 MS Intellimouse Explorer). I've scoured the LKML, and as far as I can tell it should be working. Oh well; I'll give it another shot sometime in the next few days.

I finally got around to writing some gallery code. It's not finished yet, but you can see what I've got so far right here.

John Bernard has been packaging FAM-Ruby and Imlib2-Ruby for a few months now. They're not in Debian (yet), but you can download the packages from his download page.

Scripts and More
Sun Oct 27 01:19:10 2002 :: Link

I wrote a couple quick utilities this weekend. The first one is here; it allows you to write C as if it was a scripting language. Something like this, for example:

#!/usr/bin/env cex

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>

int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
  return EXIT_SUCCESS;

It's a total hack, but it's still kind of entertaining. Anyway, the second utility is just a Procmail log colorizer. That's available here.

Random stuff. Here's an article about the worst roommate in the world. Here is a huge list of card tricks (I just bought a deck of cards a few days ago, and Alonzo was showing me some magic tricks he knew). Here are patches for the NVidia kernel driver so it will work under the 2.5 kernel (I haven't tried them yet). Looks like Stephen had a change of faith. I got an early birthday present from my dad and stepmom: a Lian Li PC61 case! I haven't set it up yet, but here's a picture of Alonzo checking it out, and here is a picture of it on it's own. Finally, here's my random picture of the day (posted in #gah by JeopardE):

bush scolds big business


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