And Another Thing...
Tue Jun 24 12:27:13 2003 :: Link

I forgot to mention the Raggle announcement on the Ruby-Talk mailing list.

Since I'm here, I might as well post a few links. This page is an interesting discussion about Groupthink, using the cast of Saturday Night Live as an example. I switched to framebuffer console on halcyon. Using Boot Splash, I have a cool looking console. I can also view images from the command-line with fbi, and watch movies with fbxine.

Tue Jun 24 12:10:54 2003 :: Link

Richard (richlowe) and I just unleashed our latest creation on the world: Raggle. Raggle is a console RSS aggregator, written in Ruby. Here's a screenshot, or you can skip straight to the version 0.1.0 download. This is the initial release, so there are still some bugs. In fact, Brian (bma) already reported a nasty one, and the patch for it is here (if patches scare you, this fix will be in version 0.1.1, which should be out within a couple of days). That said, any suggestions, criticism, etc can be sent to

On a completely unrelated note ;), this site now has an RSS feed. Check out the "Syndicate (RSS)" link on the sidebar, or click here.

Maybe Not
Sun May 25 16:45:06 2003 :: Link

Okay, maybe it'll take me a little while to post something. I promise I will soon though!

Tue Apr 29 00:47:39 2003 :: Link

Hi, I'm still alive. I'll post an update pretty soon here.

Sat Feb 15 21:08:03 2003 :: Link

Linux joystick and Ruby/DBI Google DBD bindings. Cool video. Obligatory inflammatory political article (and this one too). Apparently the Better World Club offers the same benefits as AAA, but without the sketchy anti-environment lobbying.

Peace Rallies Worldwide
Thu Feb 13 13:20:00 2003 :: Link

If you're not busy this weekend, you should try and make it to one of the Peace rallies taking place world-wide.

Update of Death
Wed Feb 12 21:50:54 2003 :: Link

I was going to procastinate for another week or so, but Galeon is using an obscene amount of RAM, running slow, and generally making web browsing an unpleasant experience. See, when I stumble across links I'm interested in, I usually just keep a tab open until I either bookmark it (effectively losing the URL forever) or add it to my page so other people can appreciate it. So, when I don't update my page for a while, I end up with a web browser that has 50 tabs open, eats 140 megs of RAM and takes 5 seconds to open an empty tab. Enough of the rant; on to the fun stuff.

Here's a funny article from a "Creationist", attempting to bend what the big bang to fit with some wacky ideas they got from a book. Here's the least comfortable seat I've ever seen in a truck (although it appears to have more room in the dashboard than Tom's entire car). Here's a really useful REpublican Speechmaking page. Here is the best page in the universe. For the computer geeks, this page has stats on virtually every IRC network out there, this page has more information than you could possibly ever want about bypassing a non-executable stack (a new feature in OpenBSD), and this page talks about time travel, paradoxes, and other cool physics stuff. Sequitur is a really cool text analysis engine. EPIC dissected the good old Patriot Act; you can read their analysis here. Prototype Optical Camouflage. If you're looking for a fun game in Linux, check out Racer and Racer-Xtreme. Here's a cool article (linked from KernelTrap) about the optimizations performed by Intel's compiler. Here is an interesting article on Intel's site which expands on the information presented in the article. Everyone should check out the Unofficial GUI Timeline; it's missing some stuff I think is relevant, but overall it's pretty well done. Here is an article by Seanbaby, and here is an awesome Ninja Turtles PSA review.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot my list of inflammatory political articles. To keep things interesting, I've organized this list into convenient groups, so you know what you're getting yourself into.

The Rest of the World Love the U.S. Fox News: The Epitomy of Objectivity Stuff I Couldn't Fit in Other Categories Which Will Still Piss Someone Off

I finally added some new stuff to my sidebar! FreeType2-Ruby is out (sorta), and so is MusicBrainz-Ruby. The former is alpha (eg, it will crash), and the latter should be stable (eg, it will crash, but I won't be able to figure out why).

Lazy Weekend
Sun Jan 26 13:44:50 2003 :: Link

It looks like Firefly might not be dead yet. The number two Firefly guy posted this comment, which says the guys in charge are still trying to save the show. Also, Firefly Support just updated yesterday. And here is a list of companies who have bought advertising time during Firefly. For those of you unfamiliar with the show, you can check out a good review right here.

Michael Moore made an appearance on the Daily Show. Here's the downloadable version. Alternet has this positive review of Bowling for Columbine. A few editorials that are bound to piss people off are here and here (obviously I don't agree with the second one at all, but it's still an interesting read). Everyone who has an opinion about the RIAA should read this article. Finally, here is a big list of logical fallacies, and here is a Census Bureau population guestimator.

New Kid, Tom Tomorrow, and More
Wed Jan 22 23:01:05 2003 :: Link

Other than Stephen and Megan having their baby, not a lot has been going on, but I do have a big pile of interesting links. I followed the link on Tom's sidebar to Boing Boing and it's got some cool stuff on it. Interesting news editorials are here, here, here, here, here, and here. Also, I found another good Bertrand Russell essay.

Ever want to build your own emulation console? Here's how. Or maybe you just want to use SNES controllers for SNES9x? If so, then you'll want one of these. If you're looking for an audio device that works with your existing MP3 archive, then you should check out the AudioTron. Tom's Hardware has an in-depth article about the GeforceFX. Here is an interesting article about tunneling HTTP via TLS (eg the successor to SSL). The OpenSSL related links page also has a ton of interesting SSL and TLS info.

Finally, everyone should check out Tom Tomorrow's blog, and Salon's archive of his comic strips here (my favorite strip is this one).

RIAA Defaced Again (yawn)
Sun Jan 12 08:09:05 2003 :: Link

Not really news, but I thought this forged article on the RIAA site. In case they have it repaired by the time you get there, I mirrored the article here. Okay, I'm really going to bed now.


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